The possibilities are almost infinite. It is your duty to tell me about your liking’s and fetishes. Which ones I will decide to explore only depends on my mood of the moment.

There’s no accounting for taste and I would like you to feel free to share your tastes with me.
I am happy to welcome you in my dungeon regardless of gender, age or physical condition.
I do ,need you to tell me, if you have any health issues I would have to take into account during our play.

Do you like pain? I will give you:

The crop, flogger, paddle, stick or cane, a spanking with bare hand or with gloves

Waxplay, clamps, scratches, stinging nettle

CBT : ballbusting, ballstretching, weights, chastity cage



Electro play

Are you into humiliation ? I will enjoy to :

Verbally humiliate you

Use you as my slave

Shave, wax you

Slap you in the face

Spit on you

Use you as furniture or an object

Humiliate you in public

Do some trampling

Tickle you

Do you like anal play ? I will let you taste of :

My strap-on, plugs, and dildos

My fingers, fist-fucking (size 6,5)

Do you like to be deprived of your senses and freedom ? I will :

Tie you up with handcuffs, rope or straps

Blindfold you, gag you, put a hood on or gas mask, gloves

Momify you, put you in vacuum bed or sleep-sack

Lock you up in the cellar

Want some roleplay ? I will be:

Your nasty teacher

Your sadistic nurse

Your torturer

Your boss

Any fetishes ? I will give you the privilege to:

Worship my feet and shoes, massage them, lick them, make them shine.

Become a sissy

Become my furniture

Become my seat (facesitting)

Would you like to be my pet ? You shall be :

My dog, my poney, my pig …

You don’t know what you should do with your money ? I will take care of that

Everything is to be discussed beforehand.

This is not to be negotiated:

I do not do scatology or regression plays.
My pussy is out of your reach don’t even dare to ask or you will suffer.

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