I am Lady Syene in english you don’t pronounce the e. I am a sadist, aesthete and perfectionist

I started my Domme adventure in Australia, when I came back to France I settled in Nantes after five years there, I am now happy to welcome you in my Dungeon in Normandy near Villedieu-les-Poêles. I can tell I love the french subs as much as the australian ones.

Domination is a passion. I never get bored of having lovely submissives worshipping at my feet. For me to make your fantasies come true, I need you to work in mutual consent.
We will discuss your dreams and desires beforehand. Don’t hide anything from me.
I want my subs to come to me, free and willing to receive my will.
I am happy to welcome those who want to discover as well as those that are experienced, to explore those dark fantasies of yours.
If you are a newbie you are always welcome, and I am always happy to try new implements or roleplays.

Also I am demanding, I know my limits and, I will make you respect them the same way, I will respect your limits. I do no tolerate lateness, rudeness, indecisiveness, or bad hygiene and you do not do drugs before you come to see me unless I tell you so.

As a dominatrix, my pussy is out of your reach, don’t expect me to let you get to it.

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