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To contact me, it is simple, write to me via this contact page or at my email
I am demanding and therefore I do not tolerate rudeness, be clear and polite in your message. If you do not get an answer from me, please don’t be pushy, I just decided that you were not worthy of my time.

I do reserve myself the right to choose the lucky ones who will come to serve me. I do not take appointments for the same day, so don’t bother asking.

We will exchange via mail, before our meeting, this way I will know you better and therefore in your message you will tell me :
– What made you decide to ask me
– Which implements do you want to explore, your boundaries.
–  If you have any health issues I should know of: old injuries, asthma, heart issues, phobias, or just momentary problems.
– your name and phone number.

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